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Business Management

Establishing firm grip on all facets of the business


A few years ago, the global financial crisis clearly demonstrated how an organization’s approach to handling business risks can result in a significant competitive advantage — or spell disaster. A comprehensive understanding of these risks and their associated effect on shareholder-value can protect your company from ruin, whilst guiding it towards future prosperity.


At POBEK we design, implement and validate cost-effective and well-governed modelling systems capable of providing insights for your business and sharpening your competitive edge.

Financial models are becoming indispensable. Stakeholders and senior management want better insights into their risk, capital and strategy management. Regulation and market demand are greatly increasing the amount of information that’s required and sharply reducing the turnaround times. Even where insurers have invested in sophisticated new systems, the drawback comes in the analyses and result production.

We develop effective end to end modelling and reporting solutions using the right tools for the job. In the process, we will help organisations to understand their businesses and technical requirements to ensure robust, efficient, and sustainable solutions. Our framework provides our clients with an independent healthcheck on their existing financial processes ensuring the development of strong governance and control structure.